Richmond Action Dialogues Welcomes You!

Training Programs

We offer three training programs:

Conversation Cafe—Free online training materials and video for hosting public conversations. Free introductory in-person training for high school and university students and teachers.  For all of these free resources, visit:

Deepening the Dialogue—Building on the foundation of Conversation Cafe, this training involves learning advanced facilitation skills to lead small to large dialogue events, manage controversial topics and evaluate the dialogue as it progresses toward deeper understanding.

Action Dialogues—Training in methods, models and principles of self-organizing action for community organizations or individuals who want to work together to create a shared vision, greater civic engagement and community collaboration for effective change.

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 Feedback from Facilitators

"It was fantastic! Students were pining for more! Thanks for introducing us to such a wonderful exercise."
 --Teacher, University of Richmond

On Dialogue

Organizational effectiveness (and learning) is . . . increasingly dependent on valid communication across subculture boundaries. The ultimate reason for learning about the theory and practice of dialogue is that it facilitates and creates possibilities for valid communications.

--Edward A. Schein, Dialogue, p. 221