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               Conversation Cafe

  • Conversation Cafe
    Enjoy hosting or participating in conversations in your community. Just starting out? Get oriented! You can learn the basics by watching the video or reading the hosting manual. You can download everything you need for free, find stimulating questions, and learn to frame questions powerfully. Suggestions for promoting your Conversation Café are provided along with a treasure trove of articles and reproducible handouts.

  • National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation
    A central dialogue organization featuring an active network and community of practice centered around conflict resolution and public engagement practices.  Provides support, connections, and resources for dialogue. Some resources are still hosted on their old site. Click here to visit that.

  • World Cafe
    Partake in this global community of people dedicated to awakening and engaging collective intelligence through conversations about questions that matter, to nourish and renew life.


On Dialogue

Lasting and meaningful change in the world can only happen when people come together to boldly imagine what might be and find creative solutions to the issues affecting them.

--Richard Gere,


Suggested Dialogue Themes--A Calendar of Topics