Richmond Action Dialogues Welcomes You!

Who We Are

We are a volunteer group from the Greater Richmond area of Virginia who value dialogue as one of the paths to a more just, inclusive, peaceful, compassionate and sustainable world. We believe in the exponential power of effective action coming from reflection and collective wisdom expressed in group dialogue.

Richmond Action Dialogues Dialogue in Progress

How We Serve

  • We convene dialogue events with trained facilitators on meaningful topics.
  • We provide trained facilitators to organizations seeking deeper dialogue.
  • We lead training programs: basic facilitation, advanced facilitation, and action dialogue for effecting change.
  • We offer free training guides online: making change with action dialogues, difficult/conflict dialogue, deepening the dialogue, and dialogue as a teaching tool.
  • We educate groups about other dialogue models for inspiring cooperative action.
  • We gather resources and provide information about dialogue through this website and community outreach.

Some Thoughts on Dialogue:

We can begin to change the way we think by changing the way we listen.
— Robert Pogue

The process of dialogue is the effort to recognize the common ground of humanness and from that collaborative base, explore the issue at hand. A lot can be accomplished if we transcend our apparent separateness and meet with an attitude of open, nonjudgmental curiosity. It is an attempt to listen with our hearts. 
— Greg Kelley

I am so grateful for the dialogue process as it consistently gives the 'formula' for safe, open, genuine communication for all to take something of value from each gathering. 
— Dwight Smith

One of the many values for me in the dialogue process is that it invites me to be the person I want to be in relationship to myself and others. I am called to my deeper nature, and I see others in theirs. I am always moved by the beauty and wisdom within everyone and in the group as a whole.
 — Jacquelyn Pogue

Using the dialogue model has been the profoundest part of my university years. Some half dozen comments of participating students called it "the best learning experience of my almost four years of college". To think—this can be ongoing in every community, every circumstance of life, at every age!
— Dan Smith


Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate meaningful experiences of dialogue, provide leadership training on group facilitation, and encourage the use of dialogue models that inspire action through civic engagement and community collaboration.